VIVA Supermarket Sponsors 42nd Annual ‘March for the Dream’

Sacramento, Calif. – Jan. 4, 2024 – VIVA announced today its sponsorship of the MLK365’s 42nd Annual March for the Dream event, awarding MLK365 $1,500.

The four-mile march takes place on January 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and calls for participants to invite someone of a different race, cultural background, or religion to walk with them in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Participants will meet at the Sacramento City College parking lot—between the college and Hughes Stadium—and are advised to dress for cool weather.

Residents are highly encouraged to participate in the march in alignment with VIVA Supermarket’s commitment to serving its communities to the fullest. 

VIVA is proud to sponsor local events and organizations that have a rich history of uplifting and supporting the Greater Sacramento region and Del Paso Heights. For more information or to submit a sponsorship request to VIVA Supermarket, email